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CBD Relaxing Bath Oil


These bath oils are packed with CBD and essential oils, expertly blended with sweet almond oil to create delightful and fragrant elixirs that are perfect for a relaxing soak.

What’s even more exciting is that both oils can be used undiluted for massages or as a skin conditioner, without needing a bath! A deep massage with either oil can promote a sense of well-being, as well as provide pain relief and reduce stress. This makes them a great addition for therapists looking to offer their clients something unique.

The bottles have a beautiful and tactile design, fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, and are a lovely addition to any display. With cork stoppers and charming labels and ribbons, they pay homage to our herbal origins and are perfectly in line with the Herbal Health range of balms.

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Almond oil;  CBD Isolate; Lavender; Frankincense; Vitamin E; Rose Geranium; Calendula

Instructions: Pour approximately 5ml into a running bath

Cruelty Free
100% natural
Made in the UK

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